Hi from Dr. Kim!

I USED TO BE someone who believed hard work would give me the life I wanted. My bio tells a story of a highly accomplished entrepreneur and health care professional. But as I grew more successful, the more unsuccessful (in my mind) I became: my health declined and I was exhausted and sick most of the time. My stress level was high and I felt like I was an absentee wife, mother and friend. Some days I loved what I did…others days, not so much. I knew my life was out of balance, but I felt stuck. I wanted a life upgrade! But, I didn’t know what else I could do. Have you ever felt that way?

THEN I FOUND out about a business model that could help me earn extra income in my spare time and eventually, give me the time freedom I desired! At first, I was very skeptical. My friends and colleagues tried to dissuade me, but these were the same individuals who were feeling stuck too! The truth was that we just didn’t know there was a better way. There were many things that could’ve stopped me. I was afraid of losing credibility in my field, taking away more time away from my family, diverting energy from my practice and so much more. But my biggest fear was staying the same! So I took a leap of faith.

HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED TO ME: My health is vibrant and I have more energy than some of the people half my age! I earn five figures a month having a blast doing business as I live my life. Can you imagine… no one to report to, no vacation requests, no company politics, no dress codes and no commutes! I have unlimited growth potential and enjoy the option of a full benefits package, including college tuition stipends for my family. I get to say yes to opportunities to travel the world. I have been nationally recognized as a top performer and team builder. And best of all, I have helped more people, directly and indirectly, through this model than in almost 30 years of being in clinical practice! I became the mom and wife who could show up and be all in. I gradually transformed into my true self – authentic and passionate about helping others with plenty of time to serve others and preserve myself. I am finally living a life of passion and purpose and I want to help others achieve that too. People started telling me that the way I live my life was inspiring to them. Imagine that! Pretty soon, I was being introduced as, “DrKimspiration” and it stuck!

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